First Baptist Church History



1st Baptist Church

Clifton, Tennessee


Homecoming Celebration

50th Anniversary

October 2005


Burning the Note!

The Fellowship hall was paid off after 11 months. Amen!!

In 1954, there was no Baptist Church in Clifton. The Philadelphia Baptist Church on Hardin’s Creek saw the need to start a mission. The Clifton Baptist Mission was organized October 3, 1954. Their meeting place was a former store building on Main Street. The first six members of the mission were, Mr. and Mrs. George Prime, Mrs. Annie Tolan, Mr. Ollie Kyle, Mrs. Elter Seltzer and Mrs. Jewel Cole.

In June of 1955, the mission voted to send ten percent of their offering to missions. In September of 1955, the mission voted to institute a block fund, with each member giving the price of one block each Sunday. In February 1956, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Cole donated the property on which the Clifton Baptist Mission would build. On July 5, 1956, the first building committee was appointed with Jack Baker, Roy Cole, and Clemmie Kelley serving.

Construction on the building began in August of 1956. There was a groundbreaking ceremony on August 21, 1956. Jack Baker was the contractor for the building. The mission borrowed $1000.00 to finish construction with all members signing the note. The lot and building were later deeded to the State Mission Board, and the note was lifted. On January 13, 1957, the first worship service was held in the new building with Rev. D.L. Hamilton preaching.

On November 29, 1959, the mission was organized into First Baptist Church. The church consisted of seventy charter members. In 1960, Rev. A.L. Wade became the church’s first Pastor. In August of that year, a revival was held with twenty-one souls saved. The church also petitioned the Indian Creek Association for membership and has remained in this fellowship to this day.

Over the years, First Baptist Church Clifton has continued to grow and prosper in the Lord. With Christ at the center, a strong vision for the future, and respect for its history, the best is surely yet to come.