Church Wedding Policies

We are always happy when a request is made by our members to use the church sanctuary for a wedding.  It seem that marriage is made more sacred and is on a more secure foundation when the vows are exchanged in God's house.

As we offer these church wedding policies, we have no thought of discouraging church weddings - indeed we encourage them - but we merely seek to clarify some questions that often arise.

Let it be remembered by all that marriage is sacred and holy beyond words.  While a wedding ceremony is a time of happiness, it is not a time of frivolity nor levity on the part of anyone participating in or attending the ceremony.  Reverence and respect for God's house should prevail at a wedding or use of fellowship hall as much as at any other religious service.

The following policies have been adopted by the church concerning weddings or use of our fellowship hall in accordance with our Constitution and By-Laws, page 14, ARTICLE VI - Use of the Church Facilities.


All persons desiring the use of any of the facilities of the church for weddings will arrange for same through the Pastor.  It is well to arrange the time and date of your wedding well in advance.  In order to avoid disappointment, consult with the Pastor before a definite date is selected.


The Pastor shall counsel with both the bride and bridegroom prior to the wedding date. (The advised procedure is that the bride schedule a conference with the Pastor as soon as the wedding date is set, and then at a later time the Pastor counsel with both the bride and groom - additional conferences can be scheduled if needed.)


No fee or charge of any type shall be made for the use of church property as long as one or both members of the parties are members of this church, or children of church members provided it is a family or church related event.  The wedding party will be responsible for clean-up after each use, unless prior arrangements have been made with the church.


The church has adopted the following as a fee for church facilities when used by non-members:


Rehearsal, wedding and reception



Rehearsal, wedding only



Fellowship Hall use only



Custodian Clean-up Fee


Payments must be in advance of wedding date.


Any minister approved by the Pastor of this church may perform the ceremony.

  1. MUSIC

Arrangements for music and use of the musical instruments can be made through the Pastor of this church.  All music in connection with wedding ceremonies shall be in keeping with the sacred character appropriate dignity of the wedding service.

Any honorarium given to the musicians is left to the discretion of the wedding party.  We encourage that an honorarium be given.


The choice of a florist is made by the bride and groom.  Only dripless candles may be used and must be placed in candelabra that rest upon plastic material so as to insure no drippings on the carpet.  In the event of drippings, florists will be responsible for the cleaning.  No decorations may be attached to any of the woodwork in the sanctuary.


Receptions may be held in the fellowship hall of the church.  Arrangements for receptions must be made through the Pastor.  It is required that all dishes be washed and kitchen must be restored to original conditions by caterer or other persons in charge of reception unless prior arrangements have been made with the church.


There shall be no smoking in the building at any time.  No degree of alcoholic beverages are served at any special function (wedding or otherwise) at First Baptist Church, and those participating in the rehearsal of ceremony are expected to abstain during the time of same.

  1. NO RICE

No rice or bird seed is to be thrown in connection with weddings either in the sanctuary, fellowship hall or hallways of the building.


All parties using the church for weddings shall assume full responsibility for any injuries or damage to church property, at replacement value.


If there are other questions or problems, please call the Pastor.