Gambling & Lottery

Positonal Statements

By Randall J. Runions

There is no explicit verse in the Bible that says a person cannot gamble. One is not being a good steward of what God has given you when you gamble. Often people refer back to Acts 1 where the Disciples cast lots. This was a means by which they were able to determine God's will. God used this method to help in determining who would replace Judas. I find no legitimate grounds in the Scriptures that suggests gambling or the lottery as a means of stewardship. If you will notice, many of the people who purchase lottery tickets are the ones who can least afford it. It is often the poor who are hoping for a chance to be rich. It is those very poor people who need to learn the value of working productively. They often fall into the snare of the lust for possessions they do not possess. There are various legitimate ways a person can gain money. People can work hard and invest their money wisely or people can inherit money. The Bible never advocates gambling/lottery as legitimate ways to make a living or as an investment for the future. Do I think that gambling will send one to hell? No! But I have seen people become addicted to it. You never hear of the millions of losers when they call out the winning lottery numbers. Good stewardship is not gambling or the lottery.

Randall Runions, Pastor

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